American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife Review

If you are on angling or you are a cooking enthusiast, then it’s pretty much clear that you would love to contribute more time to cooking rather than spending time on cutting or filleting fishes. And this cutting and filleting task may come out to you as boredom.

But an electric knife may remove this boredom as it helps you to cut and fillet fishes quickly and easily. You can use a manual knife as per your wish, but an electric knife saves times a thousand time more than a standard blade.

An electric knife allows you to cut any cooking item very effectively without any manual pressure. For filleting fishes, meats or anything else, a fillet knife can be a great option. But an electric knife is something more than a filleting knife. Moreover, an electric knife is the essential item nowadays.

Pro EFK w/ 8

Pro EFK w/ 8″ Freshwater Blade



There are many electric knives in the market. American Angler is one of the best market leader dominating all other electric fillet knives in the market. In-spite of their high price value, they are holding their market with a positive and good competition. Though there are hard competitors like Rapala and Mister Twister still among these American Angler electric knife is an excellent option.


You need manual pressure when you are to fillet something. And it is quite hard with a regular fillet knife. But with the help of the electric knife from American angler, you can easily fillet any fish or meat with great perfection. The blade of it is so reliable that you can cut any big sized fish or meat so comfortably and smoothly as you are cutting a small piece.


When you are on the search for an electric knife, you would be expecting to pick the best one. But there are some cheap options on the market. Those are better cheap but are those durable? Buying a cheap but in a way best may satisfy you for a temporary time. When the blade starts to bend after some days, then you’ll be frustrated, and your temporal satisfaction will turn into permanent malaise. But in this satisfaction fact, American Angler does it’s best job. It has a stainless steel blade edge that is so sharp and strong and a durable one that will again turn your malaise into permanent satisfaction.


Some more great options you can find in an American Angler Electric knife. It has a turbo booster. That allows you to boost your cutting speed while on a bigger size of meat or fish. The turbo booster which can be found only in some brand’s knife works great with big strong bones of fishes or meat. Then it is providing different size of blades with it. So can change blades based on your purpose of cutting or filleting.

Maintaining top quality is not easy which the brand is maintaining by providing high-quality materials on the whole electric knife. And then you’ll get enough satisfaction and service with it which is more than the worth of it.

Features and Specification:

  • It is a 2.1 pounds knife with a dimension of 14x 5.5x 3.8 inch.
  • It has a pro series motor that boasts 2x more torque.
  • This device is a 110 volt powered.
  • It has a built-in vent and cooling fan.
  • This knife comes with an 8-foot polarized power cord.
  • Its blades are sharp and hollow grounded.
  • The blade can be replaced with any blade of American angler including 8 inches curved replacement blade and 8 inches shark replacement blade as well.


This is one of the best Electric Fillet Knife s you can lay your hands on if you want to venture in the field of Electric Fillet Knife world. If you are a fishermen, then you need to buy this equipment for the best results. This is the perfect tool which everyone is longing for, and it has the following features which make it unique from the others:


  • High-torque motor
  • Airflow feature keeps knife cool
  • Comes with great five blades
  • Eight-foot big power cord
  • Easy and fast blade swapping function
  • Comes with a Safety carrying bag


  • Putting the blades into the bag is a bit tricky
  • In case the motor breaks down the whole knife need to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to use it for crave meats like turkey?

Ans – Use this device for a turkey as you use this for some other meats or fishes. As turkey is a terrible one that’s why maybe this question raised. So without any problem usually any crave meat can be filleted with it.

  1. Can it be used to slice vegetables like tomatoes or anything else ?

Ans- Of course. As any hard ribbed things can be smoothly sliced with it, so bread or vegetables are much silly than those meats or fishes. So what you need to do is use a thicker blade.

  1. Can it be converted into cordless?

Ans – Nope actually. This device requires a cord and 110-volt power to operate. As the built-in cable is 8 foot long, so you can easily use it indoor or outdoor camping.

  1. What is the position of the release button in it? Is it so sensitive to accidentally release it?

Ans – The release button in it is located on the top of the grip. And the switch needs to be slid to release the blade. So there is almost no chance for any accidental issue.

  1. How to use electric knife meaning this one as it is a bit different than others ?

Ans – It’s as simple as all others, and a manual is provided in the packaging of it.


This American Angler is the best electric knife for your hot bulks in the market. Though it has a bit high price than others in the market, still customers are buying it just for its high quality and durable built. This knife is a multifunctional knife to use in your kitchen or in a camp kitchen in outdoor to make your task smooth and fast. And day by day it’s becoming the first choice for every cooking enthusiast. Now maybe you got an idea about what is the best electric knife. Therefore, we hope this will be your first choice, and you will love to use it in your daily task.

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