Best Bolt Cutters in 2019 – The Top 5 Toughest You can buy

Cutting heavy duty materials requires not only dedicated strong tools, but those able to withstand heavy machinery and metal equipment or materials, for first-rate cutting.

Also known as bolt croppers, bolt cutters have found versatile, popular use in today's numerous tasks apart from cutting bolts to cutting chains, cables, screws, zip ties, fences, ropes, padlocks, pipes, dowels and so much more.

They are intelligently designed to direct cutting force on average of about 4,000 pounds of pressure dependent on reasonable energy applied to chop through almost any material.

But don't be shocked to find top class hydraulic style cutters that can generate up to 16, 000 pounds of cutting force. Remember, it depends on the lever of strength the cutter applies for effective results.

Electricians, plumbers, carpenters and many other fanatics of bolt croppers, always find it easy to cut through nails, wires, sheet metals effortlessly using bolt cutters, saving time and money as they accomplish quickly their projects, thanks to the very existence of innovative modern bolt cutters.

Intending to acquire a bolt cutter? Whether you want to hire one or buy yours, it is imperative you ensure your bolt cropper is not only just suited for rough cutting but also up to the task in the long term.

If you are baffled how to go about cutting your iron bars, let your new bolt cropper do the job perfectly.

I have used bolt croppers in cutting so many things, but truth be told; the first times I had to bump from one piece to another for desired quality, something that ended up costing me a lot of bucks with some dreary ones.

But, not until I rested on these best bolt cutters, based on their unbelievable performance. Simply put; they are the real deal.

Things To Consider : Best Bolt Cutters

There is no doubt you are likely to come across so many brands on the market today. Ensure it generates enough leverage for ultimate rigidity, force, and strength.

But if you intend to save on possible replacement costs and repairs, how about you take quick guide tips on what exactly your quality bolt cutter should come with, if you want it to deliver on performance in the long term?

Material Construction

Establish the material your bolt cropper is made of. Don't be surprised to come across those made of highly treated hardened chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, which is considered to be one of the toughest material used to make tools.

They tend to deliver excellently. There are various types of bolt cutter materials including those emphasized for industrial work. They are impressive in delivering on heavy duty cutting.

This material should enable the jaws to pierce through almost anything that a bolt cutter is dedicated for effortlessly. I consider this part of the core strength of a bolt cutter which is prime to its use after all.

Maximum Capability Of Bolt Cutter

The size goes hand in hand with the capacity of the bolt cutter. Use available scale guides in from the manufacturer or store to assist you in establishing the right pressure you expect your bolt cropper, to deliver on your tasks ahead.


This is a core safety and effectively delivery aspect you need to consider keenly. Handles come in different weights suited for various tasks.

Ensure your bolt cutter embraces great gripping for comfort, especially when going about time-consuming tasks.

To be able to reach not easily accessible areas or parts, consider engaging bolt croppers with long handles. They are an incredible choice for less effort than those with shorter handles.

The handle should be rugged well enough to minimize chances of slip-offs, especially when handling delicate and sensitive cuttings.

If your budget is stable, consider choosing handles made of lighter aluminum, they are also a great choice for effective cutting.

Extra Packaging

Let your bolt cutter come with additional information on the Brinell and Rockwell scales the bolt cropper can handle. This will further again help you to ascertain the amount of pressure suited for your cutting needs.

Other Aspects

  • Be keen on the quality of parts constituting the body construction of your bolt cutter. It should be up to the task for heavy duty jobs.
  • A great bolt cutter is one that brings you're the right leverage for quicker cuts under lesser effort applied.

​Recommended Best Bolt Cutters

Neiko 00562A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

Editor Rating:

The delivery this 8.6 pound and 30-inch bolt cutter commands, is likely to delight not only professionals and engineers across the board.

But also fanatics who seek to achieve the smartest and quickest cutting on demand, just the way they intended.

Built for dedicated specialists like you, cut bolts, padlocks, chains, heavy gauge wires, fencing, and many other materials with less effort, thanks to the precision the Neiko 00562A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter boasts.

It is also hardened perfectly with chrome-molybdenum steel material for rough and tough jobs that its peers can't survive to do.

This is further complimented by its heavy duty bolt cutting lever-fulcrum, designed to tailor a 50-pound force under 4,000 pounds of pressure between its superb jaws, to deliver one of the most interesting cutting you can enjoy at any given task.

Its forge is heat treated for jaws that are adamant to damage and dents that bite through the toughest applications at hand. It is easy and comfortable to handle too.


  • Heavy duty build and durable blades
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Ergonomic handles for textured non-slip
  • Less effort to deliver more power


  • Not a great choice to cut materials like a master lock
TEKTON 3386 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Mini Bolt

Editor Rating:

Made in China, this 8 in. 10.4 ounce bolt cutter is a household brand for a reason. The tool comes as an engineered design for cutting not just your bolts, but also your threaded rods, chains, wires for up to 3/16 in.

It prides itself as a heavy-duty mini bolt cutter with a compound hinge for excellent compound cutting action you can rely on.

Realize incredible strength this bolt cropper oversees, thanks to its drop forged hardened alloy steel jaws that are superior courtesy of their remarkable cutting power.

Be ready to enjoy the TEKTON 3386 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter's comfortable gripping, credit given to its soft rubber grips for impressive non-slip handling.

It is strong enough given it comes with a high-leverage tubular steel handle that is not likely to twist while under heavy load.


  • Less effort compound cutting action
  • Cushioned non-slip rubber grips
  • Drop forged hardened alloy steel jaws
  • Rolled strong steel handles


  • Not a great cutting of a bicycle cable• Best suited only for small jobs

Capri Tools 40209 Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter

Editor Rating:

Carrying a 10-year warranty, this 8-inch size weighs only 11.2 ounces to provide you the best portability and convenience of cutting, that every expert and professional needs while going about heavy duties.

Count on its high leverage design to achieve less effort for a more powerful force while you quickly cut through the most stubborn materials any ardent bolt cutter fanatic will live to remember.

Feel like a pro while cutting through the tough materials, thanks to the Capri Tools 40209 Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter's chrome molybdenum body construction and blades that exhibit incredible vengeance.

You will love the gripping, which boasts comfort and emphasized security on your hands, even when applying a lot of force for more rough cuttings.


  • Compact design
  • Ergonomic comfortable gripping
  • Double heat treated chrome molybdenum
  • Top leverage


  • Not a great cutting for a standard padlock
Olympia Tools 39-124 Power Grip Bolt Cutter

Editor Rating:

Be ready for this 7 pound Chinese made bolt cutter, to deliver way much better than regular brands, thanks to its careful craft that seeks to do cutting just the right way.

The 24-inch compact bolt cutter steadfastly tops in portability and the ease to pack, an aspect highly credited to its patented foldable handles that allow you to easily pack it in your bag, as you hit the road to your workstation.

It is a hardened steel cutting head, able to last long. It provides you extra-wide handles that impressively make handling easier and reduce pressure on your hands for better safety on your body.


  • Aligned blades
  • Innovative compact design
  • Hardened steel cutting heads
  • Packable


  • You might get electrocuted if cutting through a live wire
Knipex 7101200 8-Inch Lever Action Mini-Bolt

Editor Rating:

Handle you toughest cutting demands with a strong lever action design of this bolt cropper that prides for being 20 times more forceful for perfected remarkable cutting using less effort.

Experience a finely tuned mini bolt cutter that comes with up to ¼-inch diameter cutting.

. For more realizable outcomes, go about your automotive and construction works while cutting nails, bolts and many more materials using this reliable bolt cropper.Concerned about its strength?

This is a superbly chrome vanadium electrical steel designed for durability. You will enjoy its portability besides its capability to embrace more accurate cutting edges for cutting both soft and hard steel. Its gripping jaws are impressive for quick cuts.


  • Excellent plastic coated handle gripping
  • Easily portable at 11.8 ounces
  • Durable
  • Exceptional induction and oil-hardened cutting edges


  • Didn't find it's jaws impressive in cutting construction screws

Final Verdict

The power of a bolt cutter is what defines its efficiency while in use. Find these five remarkable bolt cutters, the long awaited solution not just across your professional cutting demands, but also in saving time and effort to accomplish your projects on schedule.

Do you want to tow away a vehicle unlawfully stuck somewhere? Get these amazing pieces of bolt cropper tools to deliver quickly in getting law compliance an embrace by all, by cutting off those chains in a click of a button.

Maintain your bolt cutter well for long-term crushing needs, as you seek to avoid costs associated with poor care.

Step up a little higher than your peers in holding these secrets of impressive bolt cutters and see your performance geared up for the better, on every single cut your tool will be dedicated to. It needs to be just the smarter way.

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