5 Best Electric Knives Review With Comparison Chart And Expert Buyer Guide

If you are looking for the best electric knives review and expert buyer guide, you have come to the right place. Today, I am going to give reviews of 5 of the best electric knives on the market.

I know, it is foolish to buy several products to examine which one is better. At the same time, it will spend your money and time. That’s why I am here with my expert opinion to save both your money and time and help you to select the best electric knife for your kitchen.

Things to consider


Safety is our priority. There is less possibility to cut your finger with an electric knife than the traditional one. The best knives come with safety locks and automatic cutoff switches. It allows the blades from any slippery or falls out of the handle of your knife.

Replacement blades

Some electric knives come with replacement blades. These are multitasking and versatile. The replacement blades allow you to change the blades according to your need. It is convenient when it comes to handling different tasks at the same time. Sometimes, the blades appear in different sizes for handling distinct tasks like slicing bread or carving meat.


Speed is one of the characteristics that differentiate an electric knife from a traditional knife. Here, we are talking about the oscillation of the blade. Some knife would offer you different speed so, that you can set the speed according to your preference.

Cordless Vs. Corded

Both the cordless and corded knives are available. The cordless knives come with a rechargeable battery, and you will require to charge it to use. The corded ones have cords, and it requires plugging it to an electric outlet.

Cord length & Battery Life

The cord length is a big factor for corded knives. I recommend you to select a bigger cord length for your knife because you can comfortably use it and it helps you to move quickly. However, it varies between manufacturers, but you can choose according to your need.

Consider the battery life for the cordless electric knife. Check out how long it takes to charge fully and how long it works with a one-time full charge.


What material is used in the blades? Is it durable to handle my task at hand? Will it last longer?

If you find stainless still is used in the blades of electric knife, those are good. Stainless steel makes the blades durable and sharp. I recommend not to go for those which hasn't used stainless still in the blades.

Types of blades

Do you like to use one knife for all-purpose or different ones for different actions? Some electric knives offer multiple knives, one for slicing bread and the other for carving meat. Some may provide fillet knives as well.


If you don’t feel comfortable with a tool, will you work with it? The best electric knives are designed to provide you the best comfort with ergonomic handle and placed the power, speed and safety controls within your reach.

Safety mechanisms 

In a traditional knife, there is a possibility to get hurt even after finishing a task. But, in a high-quality electric knife, you can remove the blade after completing any task. You may find a small button on the edge of the handle or somewhere else to remove the blade from the knife. Also, some knife contains a locking trigger which prevents children from running it suddenly.

Dishwasher Safe 

If cleaning by the hand is not your thing, no need to worry because some of the models support cleaning both the handle and blade in the dishwasher. Once you finish cutting a large turkey into many pieces, you may put the handle and the blade in the dishwasher to get rid of the stink.


We can't correctly rely on electricity because anything can happen at any moment. However, for the value of our money, we all want long-lasting materials. On the other hand, the warranty shows the confidence of a company. So, whoever gives you a warranty for a more extended period, you can definitely go for them.


There are a variety of electric knives of different styles. You can buy any one of those considering the above factors. At the end of the day, your comfort matters and the best electric knives will assure that.


The best electric knives appear with a storage system that ensures the safety of the blade. You can mainly store your blades when you aren't using it. From zipped cases to butcher blocks, there are many sorts of a storage system. Select one that suits your taste or adds something more to the beauty of your kitchen.

Comparison chart of the best electric knives

You can check our comparison chart of the best electric knives below to compare at a glance and make a decision to buy your best one and after that you can read our Recommended review in detail.












Black + Decker

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Brands

American Angler


CEK 40

EK 700





0.48 oz.

22.4 oz.

31.68 oz.

23.2 oz.

2.6 lbs.


17.5 X 2.4 X 2.1 inches

12.4 X 2.8 X 3.2 inches

6.2 X 6.2 X 12.2 inches

11.3 X 3.8 X 2.6 inches

14 X 5.5 X 3.8 inches


3 years

2 Years

1 Year

1 Year

2 Year


Recommended Best Electric Knives

Cuisinart CEK -40​

Editor Rating:

Containing two sets of great-quality stainless steel blades and storage system, the Cuisinart CEK -40 knife is worth the money. Two different blades are one for slicing meat and another for cutting bread.

The stylish handle is made out of BPA free plastic and includes a single-touch pressure activation button. The off/on switch has been placed in a way that you can maneuver it quite easily using both hands.

Featuring a blade release button, it allows you to remove or insert a blade whenever you want. It has a safety lock which ensures that it won’t start suddenly without unlocking it so that, your child can’t do any damage to him/her.

The set comes with a butcher block made of wood which holds the blade and the handle. It is handy to store all the blades and handlebar when you are not using it.

Highlighted Features 

  • Two sets of blades made of stainless still -slicing bread and meat carving.
  • Dishwasher safe blades
  • Ergonomic handlebar
  • Safety lock for children
  • One-touch pressure on/off the trigger
  • Four-foot cord
  • Butcher block holding storage system for blades and handle


  • Product dimensions – 17.5 X 2.4 X 2.1 inches
  • Weight- 0.48 oz.
  • Model – CEK 40
  • Brand – Cuisinart
  • Power – 130 watts


  • Suitable for use with both hands
  • One touch power trigger helps to run it automatically


  • Struggles to cut thick pieces of roasts
  •  Handlebar plastic isn't much durable, but the company provides 3 years warranty.

Black+Decker 700

Editor Rating:

Featuring 2 serrated blades, the Black+Decker700 electric carving knife can slice and cut through almost anything. The stainless steel blades are quite sharp and give a smooth cut. You may never need to sharpen the blades, and these can be removed for cleaning. The blades are dishwasher safe so, you don't need to make your hand dirty to clean it.

You can control the ergonomically designed handle with ease. The lock button prevents the blade to start working unintentionally even when its plugged into the electrical outlet. The anti-slippery tab joint to the bottom of the blades ensures removal or attachment of the blades safely.

Highlighted Features

  • 9” oscillating stainless still serrated blades
  • Ergonomic handlebar
  • Dishwasher safe blades
  • Non-slip tab
  • Blade release button for removing blades


  • Product dimensions- 12.4 X 2.8 X 3.2 inches
  • Weight – 22.4 oz.
  • Model- EK 700
  • Brand – Black+ Decker


  • Non-slip tabs help the safe removal of the blades
  •  Safety lock prevents accidental on/off
  •  Economical


  •  No extra storage facility includes

Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife

Editor Rating:

Are you thinking about spending your holiday on the beach and enjoy the night with friends or family? You can check out this one. The full set comes with two blades and a carving knife. The blades are made of stainless still and can pretty sharp construction makes it easier to cut through Turkey, Roast, Beef, Ham and so on.

It is a corded knife with a 100-watt motor. The carving knife allows you to cut and serve at the same time. You can get the blades off the handle and clean it quickly. 

The length of the blade is 7.5” which might seem a beet short than other blades but it works well. To store all the parts and carving fork, you will get a storage cage. The ergonomic handle provides better handling experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Double Oscillating 7.5” serrated stainless still blades
  • Contains stainless still carving fork
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Removable blades function
  • Storage box
  • 100-watts powerful motor


  • Product dimensions- 6.2 X 6.2 X 12.2 inches
  • Weight-  31.68 oz.
  • Model- 74725
  • Brand- Hamilton Beach


  •  Comes with a carving knife and storage box
  •  Works well for both left or right handed


  •  The blade length is a bit shorter
  •  Continuous long time uses can make the handle hotter.

Proctor Silex 74311

Editor Rating:

If you are looking for a lightweight Electric Knife, this one is for you. Featuring the hand-contoured handle and touch-button control the Proctor Silex easy slicing electric knife is worth the money.

The 7.5 inches long stainless still blades help to consistently slice vegetables, fruits, meat, and other foods. It might not work well for the extra-large and sturdy surface. However, the carving blades will allow you to cut through ham, roast or turkey and other meat.

The hand-contoured grip makes it easier for you to hold it and feel much comfort while working. However, the trigger might be a bit problematic as you have to hold it the whole time during the cutting process.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • Comforting hand-contoured grip for holding
  • Touch control button
  • Oscillating stainless still blade


  • Product dimensions- 11.3 X 3.8 X 2.6 inches
  • Weight – 23.2 oz.
  • Model- 74311Y
  • Brand- Hamilton Brands Inc.


  • Hand contoured grip
  •  Removable blade facility
  •  Economical


  •  Manual Trigger may result in hand ache during long time service.
  •  Not suitable for cutting plastic or fabric
  •  No bread blades added

American Angler PRO

Editor Rating:

The only electric fillet knife on our list is the American Angler electric knife. Though it is a bit expensive, it gives excellent services to the pro users. To get a smart filleting experience, you can purchase this one.  It's a handy tool for professional fishers. It comes with 5 stainless still curved blades with 8-foot cord length. The speed or torque of the motor is doubled than other knives that allow handling strong fishes like Salmon, catfish, rock cod, striper and so on.

It works for a long time without the handle getting hot because of the engineered venting system on the handle. To provide a great gripping experience, the ergonomic handle has a rubber layer on top of it.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy duty fillet knife
  • 5 durable and different shape stainless still blades
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Advanced airflow system on the handle
  • Removable blades


  • Product dimensions – 14 X 5.5 X 3.8 inches
  • Weight- 2.6 lbs.
  • Model- 32350DS
  • Brand- American Angler
  • Power- 110 V


  •  Comes with protective mesh gloves and carry bag
  •  Heavy-duty motor makes filleting much easier and quicker
  •  Comfortable handle & provide longtime service without overheating


  •  Finding the 110 V power source can be difficult in the boat or outdoor.

Benefits of Using an Electric Knife

  • Easy to use- Electric knives are far easier to use than a traditional knife. You need to be skilled to cut with a conventional knife, but with an electric knife, you don't require any skill.
  • The Super Quick- It not only gives you a smooth cutting or slicing experience but also completes the task very quickly.
  • Ultimate Power- The powerful motor inside the handle oscillates the serrated blades and helps you to carve meat or slice breads effortlessly.
  • Much safer- An electric knife is much more reliable than the traditional knife. There is less possibility to cut your finger on an electric knife because the ergonomic designed handle and grips prevent your hand from slipping.

Final Verdict

Choosing an electric knife can be confusing, that's why our expert has done the research for you, and I have provided you with all the necessary information above. This guide will help you to choose the best electric knife on the market. If you like our selections, don't forget to share it with your friends. In fact, if you think there is a better option than our collection, mention it in the comment box. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Take care and spread the goodness. Don't stop visiting us for more post like 5 best Electric Knives Review and Expert Buyer Guide.

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