5 Best Work Lights for 2019 – Top Selection From Expert

Do you love your job so much that you might want to continue at night? Maybe you want to repair the engine at night, but there is no light in the garage.

What if you are taking dinner with your family, and you are having fun, then electricity shuts down?Don't struggle around in the dark trying to figure out what next. With the best work light in your position, not can scare you.

There are plenty of amazing models on the market, but people still don't know how to choose. This guide will allow you make a wise choice.

Things To Consider : Best Work Lights

There are a lot of things to look for in a work light, and sometimes not the most notable features are the most important aspects to consider when choosing.


LED work lights are not always treated with much care, not because people don't want to, but because of the rough environment that they are often used in. They are used where things get done, and tools fall now and then.

That is why you will have to look for a work light that can withstand the test of work. There are plenty of models designed to last long even with constant use.

Portable Light

Portability is one of the most important traits to look for in a work light. Portability can be a part of usability because it makes things easier for you when using a work light.

You should be in a position to carry it around with ease, either because it is small to fit into your pocket when you are not using it.

 Because it is compact and fixed with a handle for carrying it around. The work you do can be demanding so that a portable lamp will lessen the load for you.

Amp Draw

When you use your work light, it utilizes the battery charge. The more the battery life, the better. You need a lamp that can go for days if you are using it a few minutes at a time in each workday.

To keep from draining the battery in the light, you should look for a light that has a relatively low amp draw. Most of these LED lights have low amp draw, especially those fixed with energy efficient bulb.

Work Light Types

The type of work light you choose should be able to serve you conveniently with the task at hand. Their different designs make them suitable for different tasks so that you only choose the one that best serves your interest. They include base-mount, tripod, handheld, hanging, clamp-on and fixed mount.

​Recommended Best Work Lights

Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights

Editor Rating:

With this work lamp, you can be sure to get light whenever you need it. There are plenty of features that determines if a work light is worth spending money on.

Things like lamps are better if they can last long and provide unwavering bright light just like you find efficient.

The Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights is what I call "the watchman." It is the name I gave it, but I think it should keep the name.

It is a LED work light that gives you the illumination you need for work in the wake of predicaments. It lights like a day, or something close to it.

It is designed for both the outdoor and the indoor, which means when you buy it, you get a double package in that regard.In the case of a power cut, you can still keep your home brightly lit with this lamp so that you can continue with whatever you were doing before the lights went off.

Whether you were enjoying your dinner with your family, or you want to check the basement, this work light will be of great convenience to you in such situations.


  • Can rotate up to 360 degrees
  • Waterproof design
  • Durable
  • Meets more requirements
  • Built-in high-quality lithium battery


  • A little bulky
Milwaukee 2735-20 M18 LED Worklight

Editor Rating:

There are many ways the Milwaukee 2735-20 will impress any first time user. Those who have used this work light will tell you that it is designed to provide a convenient unwavering lighting experience to whoever needs it.

This is a powerful LED light with 160 lumens installed in it. And that is why it is a very effective tool for lighting up a wide area.

It comes with a reflector to provide a larger beam once you light it up. This lamp is very easy to control and use so that even first time users can figure out every important control feature on it.

It comes with a reflector, which provides a longer beam that isn't harmful to the eye.The Milwaukee 2735-20 is made of aluminum, which explains why it offers high durability against weather conditions and time.

It also has a shock resistant handle that protects the user and the lamp. It protects the lamp from damage. Its integrated hook provides a way to hang your lamp in the most convenient place.


  • Impact and weather resistant
  • Sealed aluminum head
  • 12 hours of runtime is amazing
  • Hands-free use
  • Bright light


  • Switch is troubling

DEWALT DCL023 8V Max Work Light

Editor Rating:

This is a work light that looks like a flashlight. We all know what DEWALT can do, and this work light reflects exactly what you expect from such a reputable company. You can stand this work light on its end, and it will stay put by itself, and that way, it gives you a wide area of light.

The company did well to create a work light that you can easily slip into your pocket when you are not using it.

It is compact and also lightweight so that it is easy to carry around and to direct it to wherever you want to light up. With a single full charge of its battery, it gives you a runtime of 5 hours.

I tested it, and it gave slightly below 5 hours, but that's just impressive. Many work lights can reach four hours run time.Since you will be using it a few minutes at a time, you can go for days before recharging the battery.

What I also like about this work light is its strength and durability. It can fall, but it won't break or malfunction. Besides, the chances of it slipping off your hands are reduced by its good grip construction. It has a black on/off button put in a convenient position to make it user-friendly.


  • Amazing runtime for its size
  • Small and portable
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to use and store
  • Provide bright light


  • Too small for a work light
Might-D-Light LED130, LED Rechargeable Gray

Editor Rating:

This work light has people taking praises about it everywhere. It is a highly innovative piece of technology that provides users with bright light and ease of use.

Everything it needs to makes things easier for you is present in its construction.You can use it to illuminate the outdoors and the indoors alike.

This unit comes in a highly portable and foldable design with a Friction tension hinge that you can adjust anywhere between 0-200 degrees.

That is thoughtful of the designers of this work light. You can rotate it to direct its light to wherever you want to.Besides, it has a hook at the top from which you can hang it for more convenience during use.

It can stand on its own while you work in every area. It is also constructed with neodymium magnets to allow for secure mounting on metallic surfaces such as file cabinet, tool chest, metal shelving, and many others.


  • Easy grip cushioned handle
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Lightweight design
  • Nylon swivel hook for hanging
  • Magnetic mount on metal surfaces


  • You can't leave it plugged in
ATD Tools 80390 Saber II 90-SMD LED Cordless

Editor Rating:

For as simple as it looks, the unit produces very bright light that anyone would benefit from. You can use it in dark areas both outside and inside an enclosed area. It has a unique design that makes it easy to hold and direct to wherever you want to light up.

The ergonomic grip handle perfectly fits into your hands so that it cannot slip off it under any circumstance.

It is an impact resistant design that minimizes chances of breakage in case it hits the ground. It is fixed with automatic shut off so that it saves battery charge for a prolonged battery life. The switch is put in the perfect position where you can access it with ease.


  • Super bright
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Auto-discharge shut off
  • Compact and tough
  • Impact resistant design


  • Horrible batteries

Final Verdict

Everybody needs a work light around their home or in their workplace. Work lights have a variety of uses that you can benefit from. You can light up both the indoors and the outdoors without having to do much.

Once the battery is charged fully, put it at a strategic point waiting for when you will need it.

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