Electric Knife – A smart kitchen appliance for the home

As a housekeeper, I usually cook food for my children and my husband almost every day, except for a few regular restaurant breaks. Every time I came up with a new recipe, the traditional knives were not efficient enough and made the work much harder and slower, especially when the recipes had new ingredients, which I rarely bought.

One day I decided to do a search on the web and take a look at the offers of electric knives that I had heard about in some other talks with my neighbors or friends. The result was wonderful.

I had no idea of the variety of electric knives that can be found. If you are going through the same problem that I went through, I recommend reading this guide on the best electric knives in the market, which I made especially for people who go through this nightmare. After you finish it, you will surely know a lot more about this smart kitchen appliance for the home.

What Is An Electric Knife?

An electricity operated knife that is mainly made or slicing foods and has double blades option. The knife has an ergonomic handle with a small motor. The motor helps to operate the blade backward and forward.

It is incredible to make a cutting actionable to cut the food quickly and elegantly. The electric knives have both corded and cordless model. The corded electric knife draws the power from an electrical plug. On the other hand, the cordless model is little costly that depends on rechargeable batteries.

Note: Do not wash the handle or body of the electrical knife with water or in the dishwasher. The handle has an electrical motor. If anybody cleans it through water, there is a chance to electrocuting himself in the next time use.

Top Benefits of an Electric Knife

An electric knife is one of the trendiest inventions to modern technology. It has plenty of advantageous when, and this is why it becomes so popular. Let’s see some top benefits of using an electrical knife:

  1. Increased power

Today it is proven that an electric knife is more powerful than the average chef knife. Thanks to its electric power that makes it sturdy enough even for large cutting jobs. You will find them both cordless and corded model that makes them engaging to a large number of users. The cordless model is more practical than the corded version.

  1. Improved safety

The number of accidents around the world in the kitchen related to the knife is increasing. Nevertheless, if you use an electric knife you can reduce the possibilities of getting engaged in such an accident. So concerning the improvement of safety in the kitchen, you can go right with this particular type of knife.

Note: According to a study based on user experience, “The total of accidents that happen when using a regular knife in the kitchen is not negligent. On the other hand, an electric knife is an ideal solution for your cutting needs than the traditional knife with no accident.”

  1. Save time

Though the chef knife offers you a good result, if you want to cut something easily and effortlessly, then you may go wrong with this kind of knife.  On the other hand, an electric knife is an excellent choice to do the hard to cut a job quite quickly and effortlessly. So you can save your valuable time in the kitchen by using an electric cutting tool.  

Note: According to the study, you need to spend at least ten minutes to slice a turkey if you use a traditional knife. On the other hand, an electric knife allows you to cut a turkey in less than a minute.

  1. Accuracy

If you want to slice the meat evenly and accurately, then you can easily depend on an electric knife. This electronic cutting tool is made with carving in mind to cut or slice the piece of bread or meat perfectly.

  1. Less exertion

You do not need to apply force in the cutting process with an electric knife. You will get an excellent cutting result without providing much pressure. So if you are one such person who wants to ease your life in the kitchen, these electric knives are the right choice for you.

  1. Easy to use

The electric knife is easy to use. You do not need any unique experience or training to use this kitchen appliance. Indeed, you will get extra convenience when it comes to cut or slice a thick food item like turkey or poultry. However, though it is powerful equipment, you are not allowed to cut the bone, though the company states that you can do that.


Electric Knives vs. Traditional Knives

  • A traditional knife is an appliance that comes with a blade for cutting purposes. It is fixed into a handle. Inversely, an electric knife is the same as a traditional one, but it needs electrical power to work.
  • The conventional knife is best for cutting or slicing minimum work. On the other hand, an electric knife is best for bulk cutting or slicing jobs (such as salmon or tuna fish).
  • The traditional knife needs to apply force to cut or slice anything such as meat, fish, vegetables, etc. But if you have an electric knife you don’t need to use any force to do the cutting job successfully.
  • An electrical blade makes the work easier and saves your valuable time compared to a traditional knife.
  • The electric cutting appliance comes with different speed setting that allows you to do the cutting job faster than the regular knife.

Why is Electric Knife a smart kitchen appliance for the home?

  1. Handle

The electrical knife comes with an ergonomic (user-friendly) handle. When it comes to going through a hard to cut meat, the handle plays an important role. You will enjoy a comfortable and safe operation with this handle of the electric appliance. Also, the handle with excellent design will reduce the chance of an accident like cutting fingers.

  1. Safety mechanisms

An electrical knife comes with some unique features that make smart for the home. The locking trigger or double locking mechanism is the game-changing feature of this kind of electrical tool. It will protect a child from turning it on.

  1. Dishwasher Safe

There are some models found on the market that have dishwasher safe blades & handle. So you can quickly clean this kind of knife after finishing a huge cut.

  1. Warranty

The electric knife offers a more extended warranty. It means that the knife manufacturing company has high confidence in its products. It is also good for consumers to have this kitchen appliance.

  1. Style

The electric knife has an excellent look that is perfect for a catering business. If you want to have a professional style knife, then an electrical knife is for you. This stylish look electrical knife is also great for parties & different holiday occasions.

  1. Extras

You will find some electric knife that has long cords, wood storage blocks, extra handles and multiple speed settings to get the required power for doing the severe cutting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Question: Do you need to sharpen an electric knife?

Answer: Usually an electric knife comes with a serrated edge. It designs to stay sharp more extended than the traditional knife. That is why some manufacturing company recommends that it doesn’t need to sharpen.

Nevertheless, you can sharpen the blade when it starts to dull. It is better to follow the manual instruction or consult with the expert whether it is appropriate to sharpen or not.

  1. Question:  What safety steps should you use with an electric knife?

Answer: You need to ensure that the knife is locked until you are ready to cut. It will protect you from accidentally turning on the electrical tool before you are prepared.  

  1. Question: How do you clean an electric knife?

Answer: The electrical knife comes with a removable blade. So you can easily disassemble the knife and wash it by hand with soap and warm water. Usually, the manufacturer does not recommend washing the knife in the dishwasher.

However, you can consult with an expert before cleaning the blade. Wipe it down the handle and motor with a wet cloth & dry it thoroughly.  


An electric knife is a necessary kitchen tool that we need to have in our home. It helps to optimize the time we spend preparing food to make the dishes we enjoy so much. It is important to know that these knives are made of different materials among them, although most are suitable for making cuts like a professional.

Knowing which knives are the ones that cover our needs in the kitchen is fundamental when it comes to choosing which one we should buy. However, the truth is that when purchasing an electric knife the task of cooking is reduced and simplified, so it is an excellent investment that I recommend you do.

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