Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter Review

Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter is like the mother of all multi-meters you will ever find.  Talk of durability, toughness, smartness and versatility; this is the ultimate tool you will want to invest in your work area.

Besides, its black and yellow colors not only give it a gorgeous look but also make it easy to find, even in a tight and busy work environment. The model is designed for technicians working after time, with tight schedules and tough projects to handle.Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter

Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter

There are so many features to enjoy with this model.  Some of the things that impress me a lot with the tool include the following;


The device depicts very high accuracy when it comes to its readings. You can trust it in any industrial activity that is delicate and needs the use of precise measurements. True-RMS is also featured; hence you are assured of accurate measurements even on non-linear loads.

Current readings are also displayed with 6000count resolution, continuity, capacitance and test diode frequency. The model features backlight that is essential in reading the measurements of any given work, hence you will not miss reading accurate results at any point.

Effortless In Use

The tool offers ease regarding operation and maintenance. First, it comes with a manual that gives the basics and techniques of using the device. These include very straightforward and simple language use that makes it easy to comprehend by any user.

First timers will also appreciate the sophisticated design with well-labeled buttons, jacks, and dials that make it even easier to operate even with the use of no manual.

In addition, results of any measurements taken are displayed in font sizes that are easy to read. You will find an ample time interpreting the results.


Indeed, construction of a device should be the first quality to consider. I love how this tool has been designed, specifically to serve my needs. First things first, its tough construction is unmatched. I am assured of long life use; in fact, my grandchildren might inherit it.

It is also shaped to give the best of its performance. It is narrower on the lower part and depicts a slight necking at the middle, which offers a firm and comfortable grip. Well, its lightweight and compact design mean a lot for you as you get to use it for extended periods of time without feeling exhausted.


Surprisingly, the tool offers a lot of cool features that cannot be matched with its affordability. You would expect such high quality and versatile devices to be expensive, but on the contrary, this model minds your pockets too.

You can enjoy the best performance without running bankrupt or living in debts. Any fist timer technician can totally afford it without straining.


  • Tough construction that makes it durable
  • The results displayed are easy to read and interpret
  • Well-lit screen that makes it suitable for all kinds of work environments
  • Lightweight that makes it portable and easy to grasp
  • Comes with a manual for ease of use


Depicts 0.09% accuracy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this model suitable for heavy duty?

A. Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter has been engineered with quality materials that offer sturdiness and toughness that can handle abuse and tough projects thrown at it. It has been specially designed for heavy users.

Q. For a first time user, how will I operate the device?

A. The manufacturers of this tool were kind enough to package the user manual alongside with the tool. All your worries of operating the tool have been handled in the manual that gives straightforward and easy to understand guides.

Q. Are there other colors of the same model?

A. Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter depicts black and yellow colors

Final words

With this model, you would not ask for more at work. Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter will give you the ultimate performance and toughness that you need to work on your projects with confidence.

The multi-meter also offers you a variety of features that you will need to resolve system failures or industrial breakdowns. I whole-heartedly recommend this device to any beginner or veteran technician who wants to get outstanding performances of their work. You will enjoy its services for a lifelong with no let-downs.

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