Hamilton Beach Electric 74275 Carving Black Knife Review 2018

What is there in the world without a perfectly made Cuban sandwich which gives you the crispy slices of Cuban bread, a lot of mustard and mayo, tangy pickle, sliced cheese and of course, a mouthful juicy, sliced pork and ham?

My customers always tell, “Those slices of meat have soaked up all the flavor. How do you do that, Miss Marlie?”  I always answer, “It’s the slice itself.”

How the slices can be so good by themselves, right? Isn’t there any special spice, I have used? The answer is “no” in a word. I say, “Any meat can be tastier than before if you can get perfectly thin out them.” If the slice is thinned correctly, all the portion can absorb the flavor evenly which makes the best sandwich.

However, neatly and thinly sliced bread and meat take a lot of experience. Besides the hours of practices, you need a sharp carving knife.

Talking about a sharp, I mean, a very sharp electric carving knife, I must say about Hamilton Beach Carving Knife of 74275 series.

Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife:

This electric carving knife has a very different way of performance than other carving knives. As a grill chef, I have used a bunch of knives and blades of different brands, various features, and diverse performances.

Some chefs do it in an old-school way and use regular carving knife which takes hours and patience. Conversely, I always preferred something reliable and quick. As a result, I have placed electric carving knives at the top of my list. This reason has made me use a lot of electronic carving cutter.

That is why I know the difference between a good and a dull knife very well. Now I have to only stare at a knife to guess about its performance. Then, what makes the best electric knife? The brand or the quality of the raw material?

To me, the shape, the weight, and the blade quality So, does the Hamilton Beach Electric 74275 Carving Knife pass the test of these three factors? Let’s see!

First, the shape of the knife which is straight and no carving point which promotes the cutting of the protein fibers of the meat at the same level and you get evenly sliced pieces.

Now the weight. The combined weight of the blade and the handle gives you a natural balance while slicing down the piece. As a result, you do not need to force excess pressure to cut.

The blade of Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife is made of stainless steel which can be easily cleaned and remain sharp for a longer time.

Besides, these three factors, it also has some quality features like powerful electric motor, handy blade releasing facility. Therefore, it has a very long cord which I have seen only in one or two electric knives.

Finally comes its price. The price of Hamilton Beach Electric 74275 Carving Black Knife is very fair with its high-performance cutting ability.

The most gratifying matter in case of this knife, I can cut almost everything except hard bones. Cheese, fish, even frozen ones are very easy to cut with this knife.

Features and Specification:

  • The knife is 12.25” long with 6.25” width and 6.25” thickness.
  • It weighs 1.98 pounds.
  • It is a 120-volt and 100 Watts, corded carving knife.
  • The electric cord of the knife is 64 inches.
  • Different switching options are available for blade releasing and running function.
  • Blade releases at the top.
  • Comfortable handle grip.
  • It has a stainless steel-made blade of 7.75 inches.
  • Dishwasher safety system.
  • Blade replacement option.


  • Easy Safety and cleaning options
  • Blades are very sharp and light.
  • A very comfortable handgrip.
  • It has one lift blade releasing option.
  • The weight and the length of the handle and the blade are very balanced.
  • Money saver price.


  • It cannot cut hard bones like ribs.
  • It gets slightly hot after a long course of use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: What is the safe way to clean the blade?

    A: Release it and rinse it with hot water.

    Q: What I can cut by Hamilton Beach 74275 knife?

    A: Bread, ham, cheese, fish, chicken, and turkey even with some soft bones. You can also use it to cut veggies if you want.

    Q: Is the knife suitable to cut frozen fish or meat?

    A: Yes, but it will take a little time more to cut them properly.


After all, none of a single great cook will want his food look messy and awful because of a useless knife. Thus, it is essential to own a reliable carving knife and as I told you, Hamilton Beach Electric 74275 Carving Black Knife is the most reliable one.

So, to be a pro in slicing down your meat, this knife works as a ladder.

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