Heston Blumenthal HST-413 Steak Knives- A Complete Review 2018

The bought-out steak from a renowned restaurant is always tastier and juicier than homemade steak. Proper searing, perfect seasoning and proper thinning make a steak that good. Different steaks have different needs, but they all need one thing in common, and that is a good slicing.

Whatever steak you name like Sirloin steaks, London broil or Chateaubriand, they all need a perfect cutting either before or after cooking.

You cut the pieces better, you will get the taste better, and there is no other option. However, the issue starts to develop when we try to piece the steak. We have to fight with the steak for cutting the pieces evenly, and as a result, the meat becomes dry and tasteless. This situation mainly occurs because of the dull blade of the knife.

You will find a ton of steak knives in the shop, but not all of them will be good. Only some of them are very professional. Namely, Heston Blumenthal steak knives are my personal favorite as I don’t have to squeeze my meatloaf while cutting and all the flavors stay still inside the meat. Some may say, “Using a fork prevents the clenching.” While this may be true, but I don’t want even a tiny hole in my steak.


Either Heston Blumenthal or his knives have never disheartened me. These knives of different series are best at their sectors as like as Either Heston is the best at his cooking.

HST-143 series of Heston Blumenthal steak knives come as a set of very sharp four pieces of knives. This combo set is a price killer as they go a very long time without losing their sharp edges.

The handle is covered with a crystalline plastic material named POM which is engineered very finely to meet the proper gripping while cutting. The POM cover only two third of the entire handle to give the user the best control over each movement. That also ensures zero slipping or unwanted cuts.

The main body of Heston Blumenthal HST-413 Steak Knife is pure stainless steel. The company is branding this knife as a three layers bladed knife. I do not know much about the layering of the multiples blades but what they have made is worthy of praise. I have not seen a steak knife so much sharp in ages.

Besides, the whole shape along with its handle is very stylish too. The black and silvery handle gives a unique and clean touch to the knife set.

The weight and the little curvy V shape have given the knife a maintained balance. I like its serrated edge which is not mostly serrated because this builds a cleaner cut than largely serrate one. So, it does not need extra force, and a little help of hand or a fork can support the meatloaf while slicing them down.

Features and Specification:

  • Each knife weights around 206 grams.
  • The knives are around 9.5 inches long.
  • Three layers blade of stainless steel is used.
  • Slightly serrated blade.
  • Little pointy tip.
  • The POM synthetic black handle balances the gripping and cutting sections.
  • It is a steak knife set of 4 knives.


  • The blade is very stiff which helps in even cutting
  • Very sharp and longtime guarantee
  • one side slightly serrated edge
  • Slightly pointy tip
  • Good Price
  • Well balanced and weighted
  • Easy handling


  • After one year of use, the black handle starts to get dull a little

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does the blade stay sharp?

A: I have been using only one piece for around one year. It is still very sharp. I think that I can use it for six months more.

Q: Does it need a sharping machine to be sharp?

A: No. No particular machine is required. If you wish to sharpen it more, you can use sandpaper or honing steel.

Q: How long the blade is?

A: I have not measured before. It may be 5-6 inches.

Q: Does Heston Blumenthal knife need extra care?

A: No. It does not need any special care. Proper cleaning with soap after each use would do great.


Choosing a steak knife is a confusing decision. As you cannot have a trial slicing, you have to hit it with a guess, though the guess doesn’t break a leg all the time. So, it is wise to go with a known one.

In that case, Heston Blumenthal HST-413 Steak Knife is worth of one try. You can invest your money in this set of knives without a pause because it is the best steak knife ever what you will find in the market.

So, grab your Heston Blumenthal Steak Knife, slice your steak and serve the juicy slices with a drip of olive oil and green sauce.

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