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Thanks for knocking on the door! You better hurry and get a huge turkey to feast your friend.

But you haven’t done this before. You Own an electric knife but don’t know how to use it!

Don’t worry, grab a drink and follow the steps quantified below, carving your turkey will be a piece of meat as you go through.

How to carve a turkey with an Electric Knife?

Life becomes comfortable with technology. An electric knife also comes to make your cutting process easy; if you know the process, it will definitely ease your cutting techniques.
Let’s have a look at how to carve a turkey with an electric knife.

Things you will need:

List the things you are going to need-

  • A turkey (obviously!)
  • Spice and herbs (what you want in your meat)
  • A carving knife (To takeout the bones)
  • A flat chopping board.
  • The electric Knife
  • A microwave
  • Foil paper

These things will do just fine to get your job done.

Prep work (cooking process):

Your turkey is on your kitchen table, but you can’t start carving it yet. First thing first. You have to cook it. And cooking is very much simple than you can imagine. Turkey comes with its beautiful skin on it so-

  • Clean your turkey first.
  • Take some oil and rub on its skin.
  • Season your bird with salt, herb, and spices as per your taste.
  • Wrap the turkey with foil paper and marinate it overnight.
  • Put it on a big microwave plate and microwave it 2 to 4 hours.
  • Flip the turkey every 15 minutes if your microwave doesn’t rotate itself.

And you are done with cooking it!

Tearing the turkey apart:

You can’t carve your turkey with the legs and wings on it. You must take them apart before you start carving it. So, here comes how you are going to do it. This part is a little tricky, but You will do good, trust me!

  • Let the turkey cool down for at least 15 minutes.
  • Go for the legs first.
  • Pull a leg and twist it the opposite side of the turkey and find the joint part attached with its thigh.
  • The joint part should get a smooth cut if you cut through its knucklebone.
  • Try not to harm the beautiful skin.
  • Now go for the other leg and do the same as the first leg.
  • Then take the thighs.
  • Thighs have the same joint point as the legs, but they are much thicker and attached with the ribs. Cut them with the same process as legs.
  • Now go for the breast. Try to cut it off all in one big chunk. So, go down the side of the sternum and cut straight down.
  • When you go down the rib cage is going to go around with each chunk. So, pull the breast apart in two parts.
  • The Idea is to get the biggest piece of meat in one shot.
  • The meat will be still hot, try not to burn your finger and try to save the golden skin on it.
  • Try to skip the bones, knucklebones, and wings. No one likes to get a bone in their mouth, do they?
  • You can save the carcass and other bones for an excellent soup later.

Get to the main business! Start carving:

When you start carving your turkey, you might feel a little messed up. Its because you have a lot of fillet on your board. So here come the instructions-

  • The easiest thing to carve is the breast.
  • So, go for the breast first and put it a bit aside from the other chunks.
  • Keep a paper towel nearby because it’s going to be a little bit of messy business.
  • You may wear a hand glove if you are comfortable with it.
  • Now you will have to start working with the electric knife. Try to keep it simple where you are going to make a slice of your turkey.
  • Plug in your electric knife properly.
  • Make enough space around the piece you want to start carving.
  • Take the breast piece first because it’s completely boneless.
  • Cut the breast against the grain.
  • Try to cut the grains all the way down. If not, you will end up dragging three or four pieces when you were trying to get only one.
  • Grab a spatula and take it underneath the slices, grab it whole and shift them on your decorating plates.

Taking All the bones out:

As you have correctly done with your breast pieces and they look pretty now its time for the pieces with bones. It will be a little messy with the bones, but I believe you will do great!

So, we will go one by one. The first will be the thighs-

Cutting the Turkey Thighs:

The turkey thighs have an only thick bone in it. So, you will have to-

  • Use your finger to get the bone out.
  • Go for the inside part of the thigh, because the bones are nearer that way.
  • The knife may cut that tenderly cooked meat so your finger will do just perfect.
  • Put your finger underneath the bone, push the meat off the bone, pinch around and pull it out slowly. Be careful so that, the meat doesn’t come out with it.
  • Try to keep the meat a whole piece.
  • Try not to tear the skin on the thigh.
  • You don’t want the knuckles, so be patient and take out the knuckles from your meat.
  • Check for the little gristle, you don’t want them too.
  • Check every end of the turkey thighs to make sure all the little bones and knuckles are gone.
  • You can save the bone and knuckles for your soup later.
  • Now roll the meat altogether to reshape and resemble a thigh.
  • Get after to the electric knife.
  • Cut again across the grain.
  • Cut a little bit thicker so that the meat doesn’t fall apart.
  • If your turkey isn’t tenderly cooked and you can’t take the bone apart with your finger, you always can use a knife to cut it out.

Cutting the turkey leg:

Here comes the delicious part of the turkey. Everyone likes to get the leg piece. But before cutting it, you will have to follow these.

  • Some people might suggest keeping the bone, But If you want to know about me, I prefer to take the bone out like the thighs.
  • The drumsticks get pretty golden skin on them, try to preserve them.
  • Turn the leg on the side where the bristles are.
  • Pull all the gristles off which comes with little bone threads.
  • The bigger your bird is, the more you will find the bone threads so check carefully to take them all out.
  • Now you can peel the meat away from the bone.
  • Use your finger if the meat is tender.
  • Use a knife if your meat is not tender enough.
  • To check if there is any bone left, you can bend the meat, and if you feel any resistance, then there might be a little bone left. Reach out for it and throw it away.
  • Now roll it over and give a shape of a leg and cut.
  • Grab a spatula and take it smoothly on your platter.
  • The meat should be fairly presentable with the pretty skin on it.
  • You can decorate them with latus and the sauce you like.

Yeah, you are done! Good job!

Now follow the prep work part and do the cooking. Enjoy with the guest.

And don’t forget to thanks me later!

Why electric Knife?


There is plenty good-looking manual carving knife available in the market, then why an electric one?

Well, because-

  • An electric knife will give you an automatic experience.
  • You won’t have to create so much pressure to slice your meat.
  • It will give you more exact and accurate slices than the manual ones.
  • The electric knife has a reciprocating blade.
  • By slicing through it, the skin on turkey stays right where it is.
  • The slices look pretty by the skin on it. Because it gives the meat chunk look like a whole uncut one.
  • So before inviting your friends and family for a turkey dinner, you better buy an electric knife. The knife will make it all smooth and pretty for you.


Who doesn’t love a prettily sliced oven grilled turkey! If its thanks-giving or a regular family gathering perfect dish for all the children and grown up. You might be wondering why haven’t you tried this yet! You don’t have to be sad; now as you know how it’s done you can call up your friends and give them a surprise dinner with a plate full of yummy turkey carved with an electric knife. Enjoy!

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