The Innova 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter Review

The Innova 3340 multimeter is the best choice for a high-quality multimeter. The best quality features help pinpoint engine problems while the 10megohm impedance prevents damages to the ECU.

It includes temperature probe to measure temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The multimeter measures inductive RPM pickup and vehicle RPM. This unit offers a hands-free testing and includes test lead holders.

Additional features include auto ranging auto shut off, overload protection, automatic zero adjustment and reverse polarity protection. The min/max hold button saved retrieved data and rugged.

Corner guard provides drop protection. The INNOVA 3340 is great for testing alternate diode, duty cycles, solenoids, breaker points, writing, switches and more.

This is one of the best digital multimeters you can lay your hands on if you want to venture in the field of electronics and the automobile world. If you are an electrician, then you need to buy this equipment for the best results. This is the perfect tool which everyone is longing for, and it has the following features which make it unique from the others:

Temperature Probe

This multimeter device comprises a temperature probe that enables the user to measure temperature accurately. One is also able to measure temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units. The 3340 characterized test alternator diode which determines whether the circuit diodes work properly. It includes test diode holder which provide for hands-free protection.

Auto Shut Off

This is almost among the best features that I got. It enables the device to turn after a period of 30 min of inactivity to conserve battery. This mode also has a probe holder on the body of the meter that stores probe when not in use.

Auto Ranging

This auto-ranging feature overloads protection, zero auto adjustment, reverse polarity protection induct RPM clamp, min/max hold button which saves retried data and compact carrying case. It is a must have a meter for automotive fanatics.

Checking Battery Voltage

The INNOVA 3340 can also be used to check the battery voltage and the alternator output, verifying Voltage to light sockets, measuring inductive RPM pickup and vehicle RPM, {including coil on plug vehicles} troubleshooting relays and verifying electrical continuity.

Effective Diagnose

INNOVA 3340 gives the user an option to measure the AC/DC true RMS. While using the Innova 3340, one can measure the AC and DC true RMS.The power distribution in a system is distributed through the transformers, and the AC should be available.


  • Includes easy to read instructions in English, French, and Spanish
  • Easy to read labels
  • It has the minimum/maximum and holds buttons which save retrieved data.
  • It is very affordable
  • Large easy to read LCD display and durable design
  • Sturdy test leads and safe to use


  • A steady zero is hard to achieve even under lab conditions since a clamp current measurement requires the use of an optional clamp adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of batteries does it have?

A: It takes double A’S

Q: In your experience is e temperature probe accurate?

A: Yes, I have used the temperature probe for a variety of applications, and I have found it to be very accurate.

Q: When testing for the AC/DC voltage, does the number of probes keeps on changing before putting them on the probe?

A: Yes, the display will continue to display random numbers until attached to the test item.


The INNOVA multimeter is one of the best current testing tools in the market today. The product has great features any electrician would love. These multimeter testers have many new groundbreaking features.

The multimeter has all the features to make your work quite easy and stress-free. If you are looking to pick the best multimeter, this mode is surely an investment worth making for an automotive specialist.

You all need to use this Innova 3340 multimeters while in action before you can fully appreciate it. To make you understand all its capabilities, one thing you should know is that this multimeter can measure up to 10 mega ohms as a measuring range. Very few multimeters could do this.

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